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Home Maintenance Assessment

Here at ROC Smart Maintenance we believe in proactive home maintenance, it keeps us a step ahead of the curve for when things may go wrong.  

With a Home Maintenance Assessment we come out to your property and assess any maintenance issues, inside and out, drawing up a detailed list of items that should be tended to in the near future.  Using traditional Red, Yellow, Green code system to denote a 'Fix Now', 'Fix Soon' , and 'Fix Later '-  leaving you with a comprehensive list of items that need attention in the future and allowing you, the Homeowner, to assess which area you would like to tackle first.  

Also included in the Home Maintenance Inspection is the Smart Home Assessment.  This is an exclusive ROC Smart Maintenance service where we walk with you throughout your home and address any potential areas where Smart Home Products could make your life easier! 


Maybe turning that light off with a voice command once you're in bed?  Using your phone to double check that the Side Door is locked?  How about pulling up the Front Porch camera to see if your Amazon package was dropped off? Would you like to hear your music in each room?  Maybe you've forgotten to close the garage door?  No problem, open up the app and take a peak!

From the normal, every day maintenance to the Smart Home of your dreams, we want to help you every step of the way!  

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